Solutions offers solutions for all use cases, ranging from corporate and IT documentation to operational quality management incl. process based document management and control.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

More transparency for better decisions

The continuous improvement of their business processes distinguishes successful companies.

With you create transparency for the right decisions in your business. is based on standard Microsoft technologies (Viso, SQL Server). Due to its seamless integration with SharePoint and the Microsoft Office environment, concrete results are being produced very fast.

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Enterprise Architecture Management

IT Management

Transparency across your IT

With you accomplish the required transparency in your growing IT infrastructure. This provides the oportunity to leverage existing optimization and cost saving potentials.

To update the management of countless interfaces, applications and platforms regularly, is as great a challenge for IT management, such as the use of new technologies and IT trends (SaaS, cloud, virtualization, BYOD, etc.).

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Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

Optimize your processes along governance requirements

With, you can shape and document your processes in accordance with the governance principles as defined at your company.

For orientation and simpler implementation, provides various methods and notations (RACI, BPMN 2.0, etc.), as well as the support for frameworks (COBIT 5, ITIL 3, etc.), which makes an evaluation of the requirements significantly easier.

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Quality Management

Our Quality and Process Manager enables an easy update to ISO 9001:2015

Independent experts as the TÜV Süd recommend to upgrade to the new standard soon.

For many companies, this is associated with considerable efforts and expenses. However, universal conformity to standards can be so simple if one uses the right tools. Please contact us ─ we would be happy to answer your questions about digital Quality and Process Management.

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More Use Cases is used by many customers and in a lot of different ways. This includes the following use cases of our tool:

KPIs enables process-related use and representation of key performance indicators and your individual performance measurement system.

Data Privacy

GDPR documentation: all necessary information regarding data processing can be stored and managed in one central repository.


Our versatile and customizable data model and our powerful reports can support all kinds of (re-) certifications of your company.

Requirements provides the tools necessary for efficient requirements management and automated creation of the respective documents.

We're offering individual live demos of our tool and all its use cases via web-meeting. Please contact us to schedule a demo: Request a Demo

Our Customers

We'll gladly provide further information regarding the listed customers and their projects and we will also provide direct contact for professional exchange where possible.

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Feinkost Dittmann, Reichold Feinkost GmbH
Greiner Packaging International GmbH
Iscador AG
IT-Services der Sozialversicherung GmbH
Schloemer GmbH
GNT Group B.V.

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