The software package is an easy-to-use modeling tool, also suitable for analyzing and interpreting or evaluating business structures and processes of varying size. provides different modeling methods based on well-known international standards (e.g., EPC, Catalyst, RACI/DEMI, BPMN20, etc.). You are free to choose whether to employ these methods or to create and implement your own. is a flexible tool offering several modeling alternatives but does not impose any of them on customers.

The Core module is a Microsoft Visio-based modeling tool for Business Process Management (BPM), Quality Management (QM), IT- and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). It includes modeling templates, but it also enables you to set up, implement, and to use your own modeling methods. The most unique feature of our software is this flexibility.

The components of the core module provide different kinds of Microsoft Visio-based access options for viewing or modifying data or for setting up data structures.

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