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Process4.biz is a modular and customizable tool that can be used for virtually everything in terms of corporate documentation.


With process4.biz you can plan, document, analyze and communicate the processes and IT structures of your company in one database. With Plug-ins, the software grows according to your needs. Use IT frameworks such as COBIT for IT Governance or reference models for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP systems / NAV.

Owing to its flexibility and modular nature, the software can be used in a variety of application fields relevant for strategic management:

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)
  • IT Governance on the basis of the standards elaborated by frameworks such as CobiT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technologies) and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with Microsoft’s Dynamics AX
  • Network and IT documentation
  • Quality Management projects, ISO certification, audits and revisions

Simple and user-friendly solutions

  • Redundancy-free modeling, i.e. the fact that data objects previously set up may be inherited within the hierarchical database structure, increases transparency and efficiency when setting up models
  • A highly user-friendly product ensures simple administration and, consequently, nominal training needs and costs
  • Integration into the existing Microsoft Office product line increases product value for users, making the functions of our software easy to learn and to use

Powerful features providing a great variety of functions

  • Data can be exported to different formats
  • Modeling methods and notations can be freely selected and defined. More than one method can be simultaneously deployed within one model
  • The software is multi-lingual and can be used in multi-user mode
  • Definition of role-based access control is provided
  • Variable licensing solutions ensure meeting different requirements

Process4.biz covers the whole spectrum from small projects to large scale corporate documentation

Our tool is usable with all notations and provides vast customization options. Virtually everything can be modified and personalized by the trained users themselves.

Microsoft Office Look & Feel
Microsoft Office Look & Feel
Multitenancy & Multi User Solution
Multitenancy & Multi User Solution
Nonredundant Modeling
Nonredundant Modeling
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration
Role Based Permissions
Role Based Permissions
Approval Management
Approval Management
Version Management
Version Management
Multilingual Content & GUI
Multilingual Content & GUI


The process4.biz software package is an easy-to-use modeling tool, also suitable for analyzing and interpreting or evaluating business structures and processes of varying size. process4.biz provides different modeling methods based on well-known international standards (e.g., EPC, Catalyst, RACI/DEMI, BPMN20, etc.). You are free to choose whether to employ these methods or to create and implement your own. process4.biz is a flexible tool offering several modeling alternatives but does not impose any of them on customers.

The process4.biz Core module is a Microsoft Visio-based modeling tool for Business Process Management (BPM), Quality Management (QM), IT- and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). It includes modeling templates, but it also enables you to set up, implement, and to use your own modeling methods. The most unique feature of our software is this flexibility.

The components of the core module provide different kinds of Microsoft Visio-based access options for viewing or modifying data or for setting up data structures.

Graphical Visio Modeler

The process4.biz Grapical Visio Modeler is the 'paint-brush' of the process4.biz core module on the basis of Microsoft Visio’s graphical user interface, supplemented by additional process4.biz functions.

The Graphical Visio Modeler is an easy-to-use but very powerful tool. User defined linking rules enable you to represent even the most complex business structures with complex dependencies between their elements by plain and straightforward models.


The process4.biz Database (called repository) has its own Visio-integrated process4.biz access to data and diagrams in the database. The structures in the database are redundancy free, because data elements that have been previously created may be inherited on as many diagrams as needed on different levels of the hierarchical database structure.

The database is designed for the Microsoft SQL Server and is executable in multi-user mode. The parameter values of the models can be defined in any number of languages.

Database Designer

The process4.biz Database Designer offers a Visio-based perspective to view, allocate, define or modify the data structures of all models saved in the database. 'Visio-based' means that it is possible to manage and manipulate the data structures stored in the SQL Server while working within a comfortable and familiar Visio environment.

The Database Designer also enables you to set up a comprehensive authentication and access control system including different user types.


Extension modules are available as an option within process4.biz and are subject to fees. They complement the core module and offer an extended set of features and functions.

Structures or results gained through working in process4.biz can be transferred to the Microsoft Office environment for further processing or for presentation purposes.

We also offer an extension to publish database content to the web, either as a website or embedded in Microsoft SharePoint based intranet environments.

Web Publisher

  • Generates static web pages based on a selection of descriptive data and diagrams
  • Extensive navigation, filtering and full text search functions included
  • Eligible for alternative web servers (Microsoft IIS or Apache)
  • Possibility to display the diagram approval status or to publish approved diagrams only

Import-Export Manager

  • Bidirectional exchange of selected database contents between the process4.biz database and Microsoft Excel
  • Create new or change existing data in Excel
  • Create PowerPoint presentations on the basis of selected graphical contents

Query Builder

  • Sort and filter functions for model data according to self defined criteria
  • Export of these data with their dependencies to each other as a query result to Microsoft Excel

Document Composer

  • Publish selected database content (query results, object values, diagrams) into a Microsoft Word document
  • Advanced structuring of publication templates to automatically create manuals (e.g. for Quality Management, HR-Role descriptions)

Word Reporter

  • Publishing description data and diagrams from a process4.biz database to a Microsoft Word document
  • Generation of a Table of Contents and an Index for each document

SharePoint Sync

Integration and synchronization of process4.biz content (diagrams, objects, etc.) with Microsoft SharePoint. Provides the basis for integrating process4.biz content into workflows and provides the ability to use content created in process4.biz with all the capabilities of SharePoint-enabled approval and document management.

Active Directory Import

This extension module enables the import of Active Directory objects (User, Group, Computer) into the process4.biz database. These objects and all their data can then be used for modeling and in reports.

Task Manager

The process4.biz Task Manager provides a connection to an Outlook exchange server. It offers the creation of Outlook exchange tasks based on objects in the process4.biz model database.

Reference Models

Reference models are optionally available components and subject to fees and requires the availability of the process4.biz Core. With process4.biz the requirement for strategic IT planning and network documentation according the necessary demads of IT Audit & Revision can be covered by the help of the reference model for COBIT. Process4.biz for Dynamics AX/NAV provides interfaces to the ERP systems Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV. By means of these interfaces, all phases of a standard Dynamics AX processes can be compared with our transparently modeled process4.biz Dynamics AX oder NAV framework, and individual adaptations within the ERP system can be (re-)documented.

The models provide a decisive input for the development of your model as per “best practice” guidelines and approved standards. They were developed together with OEM partners, which have extensive and certified knowledge of the relevant specialized fields.

Dynamics NAV

Compliment the illustrated standard processes of the ERP-software with the reality of your company as well. This model provides valuable support during the run-up to a new implementation as well as for migrations and release changes. It simplifies the planning communication as well as rating the added value of individual process steps and also ensures that nothing is forgotten within the tests for controlling a correct implementation.

Our reference model visualises all standard processes of the Dynamics NAV ERP-Systems and simplifies its analysis, further development and documentation. It is based on the process4.biz basis-software and is supplemented through its own interface to Dynamics NAV for the integration of process diagrams. Because resource planning throughout the company stands in relation to many other structures, systems and processes, linked processes and dependencies can be represented and analysed within a comprehensive overall model.

Dynamics AX

This package optimizes Dynamics AX functions with regard to design, visualization and (re-)documentation of Dynamics AX standard processes by means of the standard functions of the process4.biz Core embedded in Microsoft Visio. Objects and data relating to organization structures and operational processes has to be set up only once even when they occur repeatedly, because they can be inherited within the hierarchically organized database structure.

Profit from the pre-modelled standard processes for Microsoft Dynamics AX as well as our XPO interface with which, through its assistance, you can jump between the process diagrams and their relevant Axapta dialogues in both directions. In addition to that you can also make use of the possibility to document the licensing of single AX-functions (modules), as well as to record the changes in the relevant AX-layers.


This reference model supports you with the optimisation of your requirements to IT- Governance around COBIT and was created in collaboration with a partner.

Consulting Services

BPM Methods

Flexibility is a main feature of our software. Methodological skills and experience are essential when selecting the most suitable one of several possible options. When using our tool for modeling, you can choose one of the included ready-made standard notations based on different methods (e.g. BPMN, EPC, Catalyst, RACI/DEMI), or to set up and implement your own method and notations. Choosing the option that is right for you and obtaining desired results will be easier if you understand the relevant methodical context and its implications. We help you to develop the most promising approach for optimal benefit.

Business Process Analysis and Optimization

Together with our clients, we develop and analyze process, application, and technological architectures for a business model with a maximum potential for creating added value. Organization structures, operational processes, roles, positions, and functions are extensively analyzed based on methods and procedures we developed. Together with you, we plan and initiate necessary changes.

Enhanced IT Planning

Introducing process4.biz software is a good opportunity to re-design your IT planning processes to make them more effective and cost-efficient. Take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from our long-time experience in the context of local and international projects.

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