Consulting Services

BPM Methods

Flexibility is a main feature of our software. Methodological skills and experience are essential when selecting the most suitable one of several possible options. When using our tool for modeling, you can choose one of the included ready-made standard notations based on different methods (e.g. BPMN, EPC, Catalyst, RACI/DEMI), or to set up and implement your own method and notations. Choosing the option that is right for you and obtaining desired results will be easier if you understand the relevant methodical context and its implications. We help you to develop the most promising approach for optimal benefit.

Business Process Analysis and Optimization

Together with our clients, we develop and analyze process, application, and technological architectures for a business model with a maximum potential for creating added value. Organization structures, operational processes, roles, positions, and functions are extensively analyzed based on methods and procedures we developed. Together with you, we plan and initiate necessary changes.

Enhanced IT Planning

Introducing software is a good opportunity to re-design your IT planning processes to make them more effective and cost-efficient. Take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from our long-time experience in the context of local and international projects.

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