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process4.biz manages complex procedures, data and structures in a transparent and understandable way

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Unique Flexibility


process4.biz allows you to use your own methods or notations, but includes templates for all common standards.


process4.biz improves data integrity based on proper re-use of content elements, inheritance and links between elements.


process4.biz allows you to use all languages supported by Windows and automatically keeps your content consistent.

Features That Support Your Modeling Efforts


Microsoft Office GUI

process4.biz is perfectly integrated into Microsoft Visio and thus provides all database and repository functionalities in the familiar user-friendly Microsoft Office GUI. This integration into the existing Microsoft Office environment increases its value and makes our software easy to learn and use.


Approval management

process4.biz contains a native workflow for approval management. This workflow can also be used based on Microsoft SharePoint where it’s possible to utilize further and more complex workflows in conjunction with the existing logic.



Version management is available with and without Microsoft SharePoint in process4.biz. Ideally, it should be used together with and based on the approval management functionality. The resulting version history or archive can provide the valuable information for audits, for example.


Data import

Existing data and content can be imported into process4.biz models. Data can be imported from Microsoft Excel and XML, diagrams can be imported from Microsoft Visio and BPMN 2.0 compliant XML. Our tool also offers a bi-directional interface for data synchronization with Microsoft SharePoint.


Reference models

Reference models provide essential input for your corporate documentation. They are based on best practices and have been developed together with OEM partners who have extensive, applied and certified knowledge in their respective areas of expertise.

Reference models are currently available for the following use cases:

  • COBIT 5 IT Governance
  • Digital Security Architecture - Learn more
  • EzPR Standard Processes for Industry - Learn more
  • ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management - Learn more
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Standard Processes

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