Simple and Powerful Customization is a tool suitable for all possible use cases of corporate documentation

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Your Model and Your Data

Object Model offers a powerful but highly flexible and easily customizable data model.

Inheritance enables the inheritance of independently defined structures within the model hierarchy.

Flexibility is easily customizable - without code changes and development costs.

Features That Support Your Documentation


Templates allows the use of freely customizable templates. There are no limits to the creative freedom, thus the CI can also be implemented in the area of corporate documentation and ensures visual consistency in the presentation as well as in the reports and documents generated by the software.


Multitenancy and multi user mode

Our tool natively supports multitenancy and all other multi user scenarios. It’s being used successfully at both large and very large customers with offices all around the world. The necessary data integrity is mainly ensured by the database and our vast permissions management.


Role based permissions

All content within our models is governed by role based permissions that can be assigned to user accounts from Active Directory, ultimately providing single sign-on. The permissions of the individual roles can be assigned very flexibly and even managed down to the field level.

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