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Analyze and Evaluate Content

KPIs can be used for the holistic documentation and analysis of a company’s key performance indicators.


Content maintained in provides an ideal basis for further documentation of risks and controls.

Queries offers flexibly customizable queries to evaluate your data, links and relations effortlessly.

Features That Promote Transparency


Extended documentation

The corporate documentation maintained in can be extended as required. What might have started with documented processes or the IT environment can be extended to the following topics (and many more) without much effort:



Flexibility in the design of your data model and in its visual presentation. offers you the possibility to consolidate content from various levels of your corporate documentation into dashboard diagrams. In this context, links can be used to automatically create dependency diagrams.


Business intelligence

The contents of your model can be used for BI use cases either directly or after prior preparation (in the form of queries). The evaluation of links and dependencies within a model is particularly interesting and can provide valuable results.

Both Microsoft PowerBI and Qlikview allow content to be used directly.


Version history and archive

If desired, will write your content unalterably to an archive during the approval workflow. The archived versions can be conveniently viewed in a web-based manner and provide the necessary information basis for audits, for example.

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