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Please contact us in case your question wasn’t answered here. We’re available through the contact form or via email to info[at]process4.biz.

Is use case X supported by process4.biz?

If your use case is a topic that belongs to corporate documentation in the broadest sense, it can be assumed that it can be implemented with process4.biz.

We would be happy to provide a presentation of your use case in our tool. Simply contact us directly or via sales[at]process4.biz.

Is there a way to import data from Y?

The standard software provides the import of data from Microsoft Excel and XML, as well as the import of Microsoft Visio and BPMN 2.0 compliant XML diagrams. Our tool also offers a bi-directional interface for data reconciliation with Microsoft SharePoint.

All other sources or formats (e.g. other BPM tools) can be evaluated individually. Please contact us with further details about your project.

What kind of licenses do you offer?

The process4.biz solution can be used in different license models. We would be happy to advise you regarding your individual project. Please contact us directly or at sales[at]process4.biz.

Is process4.biz available as a Cloud or SaaS solution?

You are welcome to operate our software yourself (or through your IT service provider) in a (private) cloud and use it as a service. Our company does not offer the operation of the software solution. If required, we will recommend suitable operators upon request.

Do you offer a demo version of your software?

Since our software is a very flexible and highly customizable product, there is always a certain amount of configuration work involved. A “self service” demo version is therefore not available.

What we can offer, however, are targeted proof of concept workshops, which are exactly tailored to the respective use case. The content created in this workshop can then be used as a (temporary) trail version.

Is there a special process4.biz edition for students, NGOs, etc.?

No, we do not provide a free version of our software.

However, we do run the BPM.WIKI, a public and free community around BPM. At bpm.wiki you can discover everything about it, use it in trial mode or sign up for a free account.

Is support available for your software?

We provide our customers with the best possible support for the process4.biz software products.

For this, we offer within the M&SA direct access to our product experts at the helpdesk, which you can reach via e-mail at helpdesk[at]process4.biz. The processing takes place as soon as possible on Austrian working days except Saturdays, in each case according to the order of the arrival at helpdesk[at]process4.biz. For questions, e.g. missing required information / data (database backup) you will be contacted.

What services does the support include?

As part of the M&SA, the processing and answering of your questions about technical problems as a remote service in German and English are included in the costs, if the problem within an explicitly supported in the product documentation environment is reproducible in-house at process4.biz and the cause originates within the process4.biz software.

What is the current process4.biz release?

Information regarding the current releases of our tool including the corresponding changelogs can be found in our online documentation at help.process4.biz.

What are the system requirements for the software?

The system requirements for the respective release are always up-to-date in our online documentation at help.process4.biz.

Where can I download the software?

We make our software available for download in our self-service license management portal at registration.process4.biz. If you experience any difficulties with this, please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk[at]process4.biz.

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