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Material Purchasing

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Type: EPC
Material Purchasing

Diagram Content


  1. Clearing of purchase vouchers
  2. Delivery scheduling
  3. Invoice processing
  4. Order management
  5. Processing of goods receipt
  6. Purchase requisition handling


  1. Billing has to to be made
  2. Demand for material has occured
  3. Goods have arrived
  4. Incoming goods have been booked
  5. Order is placed
  6. Purchase requisition incl. delivery schedule is created
  7. Purchase voucher is approved and transferred
  8. Scheduling agreement release is sent

Information Objects

  1. Acceptance criteria
  2. Acknowledgement of goods receipt
  3. Delivery note
  4. Delivery schedule
  5. Invoice
  6. Money order
  7. Purchase Order
  8. Purchase requisition

Organisational Units

  1. Accounting Control
  2. Goods Receiving Department
  3. Operating Department
    • Org-Level: Departement
  4. Purchasing Department
    • Org-Level: Departement

Process Paths

  1. Automatic billing run
  2. Maintenance handling
  3. Manufacturing with production order

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