Website update - we added a 'Resources' section

A new section that showcases real content created with our tool was added to this website.

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Tool content

We’ve added a selection of content created with to this website that can be found under the newly added menu item Resources.

The content was specifically prepared for presentation on this website and doesn’t constitute a standard report of the software in this form.

As a basis for exporting the content, however, our Word Reporter was used. The diagrams were exported to Microsoft Word together with the database objects used on it (eg processes, roles, applications, etc.) and their attributes (eg description, type, etc.). The diagrams themselves were exported as images in this process and can also be found here in this form.

In contrast to the export created by Web Publisher, this form of representation lacks the model hierarchy (ie the “tree”) and the graphic navigation within the individual diagrams. However, to compensate for this, the “Resources” site offers a convenient filter feature that restricts the display of content according to its Category. Thus, if searching for process management related content, it can be found via the filter set to “BPM”.


The content currently presented provides a rudimentary overview of common use cases of our tool. For the future we are striving to present further content from all possible use cases of our tool.

Updates will therefore be made on a regular basis, so it’s worth your while to visit our “Resources” site in a few weeks or months.

As always we are at your disposal for any questions, suggestions and feedback and we’ll gladly demonstrate the content shown here live in our tool.

We also offer consulting services for the implementation in your solution. Just contact us here or via Email.

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