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Flexible business process documentation based on Microsoft Visio

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Home Features Services Resources Blog Contact FAQ   de is a specialized tool for corporate documentation based on Microsoft Visio.

It is simple to use, yet powerful and flexible regarding the delivered results.

Key Features

Microsoft Office Look & Feel

Microsoft Office Look & Feel integrates perfectly with Microsoft Visio and provides all database and repository functionality within a well known, user friendly GUI.

Multitenancy & Multi User Solution

Multitenancy & Multi User Solution

Our tool natively supports multitenancy and all other multi user scenarios. It's being used successfully at both large and very large customers with offices all around the world.

Nonredundant Modeling

Nonredundant Modeling enables and provides nonredundant modeling of all content. Changes made are effectively passed on and inherited across the whole data model, therefore minimizing continuous data maintenance efforts.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Visio, Office, SharePoint and Exchange, for both the 32 bit and the 64 bit variants.

Role Based Permissions

Role Based Permissions

All content within our models is governed by role based permissions that can be assigned to user accounts from Active Directory, ultimately providing single sign-on.

Approval Management

Approval Management contains a native workflow for approval management. This workflow can also be used based on Microsoft SharePoint where it's possible to utilize further and more complex workflows in conjunction with the existing logic.

Version Management

Version Management

Version management is available with and without Microsoft SharePoint in Ideally, it should be used together with and based on the approval management functionality.

Multilingual Content & GUI

Multilingual Content & GUI is multilingual by default. All modeling and reporting functionalities can be used in every language that's supported by Windows.



Transparency for Your Processes covers all conceivable use cases in corporate and IT documentation, right up to operational quality management.
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Typical Use Cases


Business Process Management


IT documentation and Enterprise Architecture Management


Quality management, audits and certifications


Governance, risk and compliance management

Data & Numbers

Risks, key performance indicators and other metrics


Requirements management (ERP documentation etc.)



Examples of Corporate Documentation enables integrated corporate documentation all the way from the organizational structure and process organization down to the IT architecture.
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